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White Cobalt - Empowering your innovation

When it comes to movement, humans are among the least efficient species on Earth.

However, give a human a bicycle and they become the most efficient.
We create the bicycle for your business.

(Yes, we know Steve Jobs has already said something along these lines regarding computers and minds. Well, he was a genius, and we’re big fans! You can read his full quote here.)


We don't make actual bikes, but we do make software that can deliver equivalent benefits to your business.

Software that maximises your efficiency, directs your team through the processes you set, and provides you with real-time visibility on how your business is performing.

But above all, software that empowers you to innovate.


Providing concise real-time information to key decision makers.


Guiding your team through your processes, ensuring they are followed accurately and consistently.


Improving the efficiency of your operations, by having a computer do much of the 'heavy-lifting'.


Good businesses are constantly innovating, so requirements are always changing.

Our approach embraces this.

By placing flexiblity and deep understanding of your business at the heart of everything we do, we guarantee your software delivers what your business really needs.

Everything we do is step-by-step.

You’ll know the result and price before you take each step, and always be in control of what you’re spending.

While the investment will pay for itself many times over through increased efficiency and profitability, we can help you use a combination of financing and R&D tax credits to make the project affordable.

Who are we?

We are an established London-based software consultancy and development agency, with a passion for helping business owners to understand the possibilities of revolutionising their companies with technology.

Our Values

We believe in being honest and transparent; working together with our customers in a collaborative way. We believe there is strength in diversity and put morality and ethics ahead of profit. We believe pragmatism and innovation is key to success and make this a part of everything we do.

We work with

Business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in the future of their companies. Our perfect client would be the owner of a small to medium sized business, who takes pride in their company, and knows deep down they're not really operating as efficiently as they could.

"Business is all about leverage. As our partner, White Cobalt has built technology that has allowed us to leverage our time and save money. We have standardised our processes to produce consistent and effortless results for our customers for years to come. Their integration between Xero and our system has been incredible... ask them about it!"

Adam Goff, CEO, Capital Living


We’d love to hear from you; to discuss your business needs and answer any questions you may have. Whether it’s via email, phone or a visit to our Islington office.