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Your metrics are looking the wrong way

Monthly or quarterly sales, new customers, contract renewal rate - these are all common KPIs in business. But they're all looking backwards. They're telling what has happened. Afterwards. When you've got no chance to influence it. Read more

Free 1-to-1 workshop on using Tech in your business

Technology isn't your field; your expertise is what your business does. We offer a free 1-to-1 workshop on using Tech in your company. No cost, no obligation. Read more

Why don't software projects live up to expectations?

Software projects fail to deliver on the expectations of the client or don't deliver the real-world, commercial benefits they could have. Even though the software itself fulfilled its requirements, and the people involved were competent and motivated. Why? Read more

57.1% growth in Net Profit Margin

A study conducted by S&P Global, and published by the Harvard Business Review, found that businesses who embraced Digital Transformation had, on average, 57.1% better Net Profit Margins than those who did not Read more

Avoid throwing out years of development

During my career, I have seen at least a dozen cases where, after several years of consistent development, the code for a piece of software was thrown-out entirely, in favour of starting again from scratch. Why? Read more

Over and over again...

One of the best small business books I’ve read is The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber*. It’s straightforward, easy to read and packed with good advice that can actually be applied in the real world. There’s a passage in chapter 9 which stood out for me more than many others: Read more

Open vs Closed

According to the Cambridge University Press, an Open Task is one where there isn’t a single absolute correct outcome or where a variety of outcomes are possible.* Read more