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Al Desco Foods

Improved Profitability
Deep Insight Into Operations
Distinctive and Compelling Customer Offer

“The White Cobalt team's insights, knowledge and the system that we have created with them has changed how I approach my business. It’s given me flexibility through remote working, with confidence, full control, and a view of the business at any point in time.

Once the initial phase is up and running and implemented, then White Cobalt delved deeper to understand more about the system and what else they could do to ensure that we're getting the most from it. I've always felt that What Cobalt has a genuine want to improve our system and allow me to realise the potential of automation and what technology can bring to the party.”

Daniel de Jesus. Director


Al Desco delivers gourmet food to businesses in London, with prepared platters for group meetings, client lunches and other time-dependent occasions. Timely delivery is critical, with strict deadlines for food in line with customers diaries. Hot or chilled food needed to arrive at the agreed time.

The Problem

The business needed to improve customer experience by addressing all operational areas; orders, preparation and stock levels, delivery and invoicing. The full ordering process was manual. It included placing, creation, and delivery or orders, accurate invoicing and billing, and ordering and maintenance of stock levels. This manual process required excessive hours to implement it each day. In addition, the business had difficulty in a number of production areas: low preparation guidance for staff resulting in high wastage levels; associating specific food types and quantities for each individual menu item; and accurate food purchasing. 

Typically, orders were placed over the phone and through the website and then manually placed onto the system to be processed, prepared and delivered the next day. Customers would usually contact Al Desco on the day of delivery to confirm that their order was in hand. This additional contact placed great strain on Al Desco’s team, who needed to focus on preparing and delivering the orders.

Providing accurate and time-driven delivery updates was difficult, and this created uncertainty for both client and Al Desco. Creating precise delivery runs and loading levels was reliant on the personal knowledge of the owner. Once an order had been dispatched there was no visibility on the progress of the delivery, and if it would arrive on time. 

Without an integrated and automated ordering, food preparation, stock control and delivery system, maintaining profitability was difficult.


Our Approach

It was important to find solutions to innovate and differentiate Al Desco. We developed a comprehensive understanding of how they wanted to create a memorable and distinctive customer experience. From this we carried out deep-dive reviews into each area of ordering, production, delivery and invoicing. 

From our detailed understanding of the workflows and interaction of each part of the business, we created a fully automated order process and delivery system. 

The Outcome

“White Cobalt team's insights, knowledge and the system that we have created with them has changed how I approach my business.”
- Daniel de Jesus. Director

Through our solution, Al Desco created a high value experience for the customer, created a competitive edge, and drove higher profitable revenues. This redefined the value of Al Desco by improving customer experience, driving efficiencies and profits through accurate order and billing management, while reducing staff and management time, and reducing wastage through poor stock management or incorrect ordering.
With clear visibility of every aspect of the business based on an accurate and real-time data set, with simplified workflows, Al Desco has total control over their business. This enables them to oversee and drive further efficiencies.


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